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What is your Blog Niche? PDF Print E-mail

Writing a blog might be easy, but having a Niche is definitely hard. There are billions of people on the Internet, so there are trillions of blogs. If your Niche is being written about all over the web, then it will be hard for you to be recognized. If you are trying to find the right niche for you, ask yourself some questions.

First, ask yourself, what you’re interested in:

If you aren't interested in your niche, then the process of writing consecutive blogs about it will be very boring, and probably end shortly. Although you will always need to do some research, there's a difference between hated research and learning from scratch, verses research that you would enjoy. Research will take up numerous hours for you, so you have to be able to enjoy what you’re researching. Although there might be a better market for cooking, if you’re interested in landscaping and hate cooking, then that should not be your niche. The problem is people go for what other people are into, but if you make your niche well known and interesting, you can get other individuals interested. At the same time, your writing about something you know and enjoy.

Second, ask yourself who is your audience:

This is an important fact to know before you start writing. If your audience will be young adults, then you know most of them will have Internet access. Knowing your audience can also help you when it comes to advertisement. You know with young adults you can advertise on social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook, or even Downelink. You can even advertise on forums and around school sites. Where as, if your audience was mainly senior citizens, you know most of them don't use the computer or Internet.

Third, ask yourself, is your niche too broad:

While choosing your niche, remember that it shouldn't be too broad of a topic, nor to narrow of a topic. Let’s say you want to write about music. That's a great idea, because everyone loves music. However, music is a VERY BROAD subject. You should narrow that down to either a genre of music, or a state of musical talent. If you wrote about every genre, you would lose customers that just want to know about one specific genre. You could also lose customers because you wouldn't be talking about the genre they like enough. The only other thing to remember with a topic like this, like with all, is make sure your targeted audience is into what you pick.

Fourth, ask yourself, will you make any money:

Although this is not the most important, it is very much real. While staring at your list of possible niche ideas, look for one that you love, but will also make a profit off of. Let’s say you’re into computers and planting baby trees. If you choose to write your niche about planting baby trees, you will probably make no profit. However writing about something with computers, like hardware or software, I'm sure you will make a nice profit.

Some other things to ask yourself are; who are your competitors, and will advertisement be easy. Those are important things you will need to figure out before picking you niche. Just remember, have fun with it! If you feel forced to do countless hours on research, your niche will not be a success. That's the cold hard truth. Once you’re done taking all of this into consideration, you should be ready to go.

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Why Blogs Are Money Makers PDF Print E-mail

There is a great deal of hype and talk about blogs, but when one strips them down and looks at them clearly, they discover that a blog is nothing more than a web site. In essence, a blog is a website featuring an easy to use content management system that allows for quick updating in chronological order. The roots of blogging trace back to online journaling and community-building efforts, but approached from a business perspective, blogs are uniquely positioned to make you money. Their structure, treatment from search engines, and ease of use make them a wonderful moneymaking tool.

The structure of blogs is perfect for revenue-producing efforts. This is because the sites are, invariably, heavy on content and are naturally organized in an intuitive fashion. Regardless of what platform one uses for blogging, they will be able to produce a content-based site featuring a series of potentially well-targeted pages.

Search engines love content. Textual content keeps search engine spiders well-fed and persuades them to visit again and again. Google, Yahoo and MSN reward informative sites chock-full of information with better positioning in search results and index these sites quickly. Because blogs are content-driven, they serve as a model for how to build a "cooperative relationship" with a search engine. In the end, effective blog use produces high search engine rankings and, thus, great traffic levels. Traffic, of course, is a key to profitability. It is hard for a site to profit if no one sees it! The traffic advantages vis-�-vis search engines is one of the chief selling points of blog use.

If you are familiar with running a traditional website, you have undoubtedly learned two things. First, success will hinge, in large measure, on your ability to provide fresh content to your visitors. Second, adding new content to a static site can be a definite hassle.

One must write the content (or pay to have it written), convert it to HTML, insert it into the static page and then upload the page to the server again. The inefficiency of doing this makes it all too tempting to "overlook" making updates as frequently as one should.

Blogging solves this problem. All major blog platforms allow users to create new "posts" (which are nothing more than blocks of content) via an easy interface and to add them to the blog with a few simple mouse clicks. The result is empowering. Instead of dreading content updates, webmasters can actually look forward to adding new material in moments. Whether a blog user writes their own content or outsources the job to a pro, adding the new text is a simple and convenient proposition. This makes it easy to build the content-rich sites that soar to the top of the search engine rankings. It also creates a heightened level of stickiness for the blog, making return visitors far more likely. That traffic, when coupled with the right moneymaking strategy produces impressive results.

If you are relying exclusively on traditional static websites for your online ventures, you may want to reconsider your perspective. Using a blog affords some unique advantages and can be a great way to create profitable, highly-visited sites that require minimal effort.

For more information about cashing in with blogs check out: Blogging - The Complete Guide

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