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Anti-Spyware is a necessary tool if you want to ensure the safety of your PC and of your privacy.  But with so many anti-spyware systems on the market, how can you tell which is the best for you?  Perhaps it would help to first understand what anti-spyware is and why it is needed.

What is Anti-Spyware?

Anti-spyware is software that you use to detect any potential threat to your computer; specifically spyware, which is software that self-installs on your computer and collects information about what websites you go to, your passwords and any other information which it then sends back to its originator.

As you can imagine, spyware is a serious threat when it comes to the security of your personal information. While some spyware is only on the lookout for what websites you frequent so that it can learn more about your likes and dislikes for marketing purposes, there is some spyware that has malicious intents; rooting through your personal files and systems to find your computer passwords to various accounts (including bank accounts) as well as other vulnerable information on your computer.  This threat to personal and PC security is why a number of anti-spyware software systems have been developed to counter spyware’s threat to your system and your privacy.

A good anti-spyware system needs to be able not only to detect spyware, but be able to effectively block it and purge it from your system.  The very best anti-spyware systems make use of advanced heuristics which even screens scripts that could be too similar to malware or spyware and bring them to the attention of the user.  Some of the best options for Anti-Spyware Software are listed below.

Best Anti-Spyware Software

Spyware Doctor.  Spyware Doctor is an award winning anti-spyware system that has consistently been getting top ratings by all of those who use anti-spyware.  Not only does Spyware Doctor constantly monitor your PC, it detects threats to your computer in real time and updates itself daily, not just every now and then. Spyware Doctor also makes use of intelliscan technology that ensures that you are only notified if there is a real threat to your PC.

CounterSpy.  CounterSpy by Sunbelt is consistently named as one of the top anti-spyware software systems on the market today even though it is also one of the least expensive.  CounterSpy has an interesting feature; it scans for and removes any spyware while Windows is booting up, which means that it will never even be an issue. With the purchase of CounterSpy, Sunbelt offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Norton Internet Security 2011.  Not only does Norton Internet Security 2011 offer anti-spyware software, it also contains antivirus software, firewalls, spam filters and even parental controls so that you can monitor your children’s internet usage.   Norton has a good reputation due to its ability to remove a good bit of malware and spyware on its own without the user having to get involved.  It also does not take up much room on your computer so it will not interfere with your computer’s performance.

Lavasoft.  Lavasoft not only has excellent anti-spyware software which detects and removes spyware from your system, it contains Ad-Aware Free Internet Security 9.0 as well as Anti-Virus software that protects your computer against Trojans, viruses and any other kind of malware as well as spyware itself.  Lavasoft is another Anti-Spyware software that is unobtrusive, not taking up a great deal of space or energy on your system, so much so that sometimes you even forget that it is there.

Noadware.  Noadware is an inexpensive anti-spyware software that has your computer’s safety down to a fine art.  Noadware comes with auto scanning; an ability that allows it to scan your PC according to a regular schedule to keep you informed of any infections or threats that there might be. It also comes with what is known as a PC immunization feature that keeps your computer from getting infected to begin with and does all this with the least intrusion into your processing ability as possible.  

While these five anti-spyware software systems are by no means the only kinds of anti-spyware software available, but they are some of the best anti-spyware to run with Windows; enabling you to run your Windows program with as little interference from your anti-spyware system as possible.  This makes these systems far more effective than bulkier choices that take up a good deal of processing power meaning that this anti-spyware software will work unobtrusively for the protection of your privacy.

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