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It's official- Peter Drew's explosive new release of his best selling EVOII SEO Suite is about to be released to the public, and you have a shot at getting in early!

Code Named EVO Professional, this TENTH (10th) release of the *Original* Automated SEO software will Blow You Away with it's stunning speed, stability, and flexibility.

In fact, EVO PRO barely resembles the old EVO, there's been so much power, speed, and flexibility built in... But he's just all grown up: Click Here to get on the list

And of course, the excellence of the organization behind it remains, from the 24/7 support desk, to the rich SEO Fight Club Forum that's an integral part of this incredible community, to the insane freebies Pete constantly codes and gives away to members.

This is real and very true: Pete's put together the "Easy Button" of SEO that can push Insane amounts of Free search engine traffic to your site within a VERY short period of time, and make it STICK. No other competing product on the market can honestly say that- not one.

This tireless robot servant actually replaces approximately 4-5 employees, and quite frankly is a threat to replace SEO firms altogether- unless the SEO firms themselves use this stuff, which the Smart Ones DO.

In fact, many BFSEO: EVOII users are Professional SEO firms working for clients, some with multiple licenses... And the early PRO users are grabbing up licenses even faster than usual.

But that doesn't mean EVO Pro is complex- in fact the *Exact Opposite* is true. EVO is a SNAP to set up and run, even for the Rawest Newbie marketer... And blows any other product on the market AWAY. Click Here to get on the list

Listen, they will tell you all about the bells and whistles inside far better than I can- your mission is to get on the inside track NOW.

The doors open to the public on July 6th, 2011 at 6AM US CDT (GMT-6), but as I said, if you're on the VIP list you will get a critical early warning to get in and get EVO Pro set up and blasting your niches before the mad rush starts!


Click Here to get on the list


PS - Pete is giving away an incredibly valuable series of reports to everyone who signs into the VIP list before launch day, including a chapter on High-Level SEO strategies that he wrote for inclusion in an upcoming book!

PPS - The book is being published soon on Amazon, and is co-authored and put together by a household name in the IM industry- And there's only ONE way to get an advance copy of that report... Right- be On The List. Click Here to get on the list

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