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I was interviewing a website Design Portland Oregon company a while back when researching Content Management Systems. Jim Hay SEO was kind enough to lend his expertise on the subject of Joomla. Jim Hay SEO specializes in developing Joomla business websites for clients that need a high ranking website.

In 2000 an Australian company called Miro developed a piece of software called Mambo. Mambo was a open source CMS and was released in 2001 under the GNU license. It was perceived as the finest content management system around at that time. Mambo won several awards such as the finest free software project.

Sad as it was the founding developers had a disagreement and dispute. The leaders in the group left and founded Open Source. In 2005 after much development a new version of the CMS surfaced and was called Joomla!

Since that time when Joomla was developed it has risen to the top of the heap of CMS's. Joomla is now one of the finest content management systems in the world, closely followed by Wordpress and Drupal.

Joomla web design professionals are all over the world. As a web design platform it is superior to most all CMS's for several reasons.

Joomla has a great deal going for it and has resulted in being considered a premium website platform. For many reasons it has climbed to the pinnacle it now resides at!

1. Joomla has available both free and commercial some of the best templates in the world. There are literally thousands of templates available to the Joomla Web Design professional as well as owners that feel comfortable developing their own website.

2. The functionality that is available through components-modules and plugin's is mind boggling. The functionality that is available for Joomla Web Designers would cost thousands of dollars 10 years ago.

3. Currently at this writing there are available 0ver 6000 extensions for Joomla. These extensions allow the designer to build most any site you can imagine. Business, ecommerce, blogs, forums are just the tip of the iceberg of the different configurations and applications that Joomla can handle.

One of the benefits of Joomla that business owners find very valuable is the fact that with very little training the layman can manage their own website. The need to master HTML and CSS is not needed to publish new content as well as editing content and images.

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