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When you market online it is very important to remember 3 things. Have a warm expanding market, which wants and needs what you have to offer. Secondly make sure that your product or service will solve their needs and greatly benefit them. Thirdly have powerful marketing methods to show them what you have. Lastly and most importantly you need a killer sales page to close your sales.

Many people neglect to put the necessary effort into their sales pages and suffer the consequences of low or nonexistent sales. Sales pages are the heart of your business and without a good one even the hottest product cannot get sold. Here are some tips to get you started:

Learn from the masters - look at sales pages written by master copywriters like Joe Vitale and other professional copywriters. Just look up the 1st ten websites that come up on Google when you type in copywriters and see how these sales pages are set up and written. Use their ideas and note how they plan the sales page, never copy and paste, as this will get you into a lot of trouble.

Understand the 3 P's of Copywriting

a. Make it personal
b. Make it precise and streamlined
c. Make it persuasive

Tailor your layout to your product or service. There are many different layouts that you will be able to use. Basically your sales page will be in 3 parts.
d. The first will be bringing to your reader attention, the problem and emphasizing it.
e. Secondly you will be presenting your product or service, and showing your reader how it will help them and resolve their problems with benefits etc.
f. Conclusion: This will include the call for action, and a guarantee etc.

Work on headlines first and then sub headlines, lastly fill in the details. Remember your headline is your salesman. The headline will attract your reader and make them sit up and take notice. Your sub headlines must also attract attention and draw your reader into the actual sales copy.

Make sure you have an iron clad guarantee. This encourages your potential buyer to have trust in you and be more inclined to buy.

It takes a little time to perfect the art of copywriting, and every professional copywriter will tell you that no sales page is ever set in stone. Sometimes just a word or two will increase sales.

Split testing: This is a very necessary part of getting your sales copy to produce the highest sales conversions. Here are some steps to do this:

Make 2 sales pages for the same product or service
Make them slightly different
Track both of them carefully
Drive targeted traffic to both pages.
Monitor and note, which one is bringing in the sales.
Use the one with the highest sales conversion

Avoid these mistakes:
1. Too much hype
2. Poor presentation
3. Using features instead of benefits

These are just a few pointers to help you make a start. Remember to think as a buyer and not a seller. If your page cannot convince you to buy the product or service then it certainly will not convince your reader.

Starting your own home based business is not hard, if you know the steps.

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