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Free Facebook Likes PDF Print E-mail

If you are looking for a way to increase your Social Media Fans and Followers with REAL Likes, Retweets and Shares there is no better method than with social exchange networks. One of my absolute favorite sites for building 100% real Facebook likes, twitter followers, instagram likes, etc. is Like4Like.

SEOQuake FireFox Toolbar Not Working PDF Print E-mail

Is your SEOQuake add-on for FireFox all of a sudden not working and showing a question mark "?" in the far-left corner of the toolbar?

Seo-Quake Toolbar showing Question mark

Fear not! Because this is not some massive Google Serp update (although it could be Tongue out ) but in fact a few short clicks away from being restored back to normal. Make sure you have upgraded to the lasted version of Firefox web-browser and installed the latest version of SEOQuake from:

All you have to do is right-click on your toolbars and make sure that "SEOQuake Toolbar" and "Add-on Bar" are selected. If you are having trouble finding a place to click on the toolbars to get the right menu to show then try clicking between the Address Bar and the Search Bar.

Easy way to get to Toolbar Menu

Next, you have to go to the SEOQuake toolbar preferences page by clicking on on the Firefox Menu options: Tools/SEOQuake/Preferences

Make sure your SEOQuake is set to enabled

Chances are your SEOquake is not enabled and is the reason for it not working. Once you enable the plugin and restart your browser everything shoudld be back to normal. You should see the different rankings and toolbar options below the address bar as well as the add-on bar at the bottom of your browser.

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Best Free DoFollow Article Directories PDF Print E-mail

If you are looking for free ways to promote your website or online business then article marketing is definitely the way. The internet is comprised of many pages of information, and people are searching for the information they want using keywords. If you can learn to enjoy writing good content that is helpful to others then you can make money online.

Depending on your niche of article topic, you will want to find websites, blogs and directories that you can submit your original work to. You do not want to plagerize the work of others or use spun/auto-generated content because no one will want to share your pages or buy your products.

If you have a blog then you can still benefit from submitting new articles to other directories every once awhile to target more competitive search phrases and generate traffic. You will also receive backlinks that will improve your website's search engine ranking.

You want to be sure that the article directories you are submitting your work to publish  links without the NoFollow attribute. In otherwords, if the webmaster has decided to keep all the link juice to themselves then he or she will add a special tag to his outbound links to prevent search engines from giving you the credit.

There are several ways you can detect the nofollow attribute. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can highlight the link and right-click. Select "View Selection Source" and see if you can find the tag: rel="nofollow"

You can also download plugins for your browser that will highlight NoFollow links. If not, just view the source code of the website you are on and search for the links to find the html code.

If the link has the attribute "rel="external" you are ok and are getting the credit for your backlinks. ,You still get some benefit to having nofollow backlinks, but not as much as a dofollow. This is an important thing to consider when leaving comments on blogs, submitting articles and promoting your link on directories.

Here are a few of the best article directories that allow DoFollow backlinks: -  DoFollow Articles, Profiles and Comments

If you would like to add your DoFollow article directory to our list, feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

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$2.00 New Domain Names Coupon Code - March-April 2012 PDF Print E-mail
$1.99 Domains* at

Coupon Code: FITNESS

Welcome Jillian fans! Enjoy a $2.00* domain, use code fitness!
Register any available domain (.com, .us, .mobi, .biz, .net, .org, .ca, and .in) for just $2.00!* Applies to the first year only of new registrations. This offer may not be used for renewals, transfers, bulk registrations, premium domains or Sunrise/Landrush domain registrations. Limited to one order per customer, expiring after 10,000 redemptions or at 11:59 PM on 4/15/2012 (whichever comes first). Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Customers may not use gift cards, PayPal® or AliPay to redeem this offer. ICANN fee of 18 cents per domain year when applicable.

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How Paul Myers made $1,000,000 online - Free Video PDF Print E-mail

I don't know about you ...

... but I'm sick of all these sites that use "fake screenshots"
and "bogus testimonials" to try to get you to buy their junk.

When my friend Paul - a true "super affiliate" - was almost ready
to launch his new site, I told him he needed to show everyone


so they could see with their own eyes that he really did make
$1,051,874 last year from just one of his affiliate sites.

Check it out yourself and see what you think:

After seeing that I probably don't need to tell you that Paul
really does know how to make a ton of money online.

And his new site is pretty interesting - especially since he
isn't trying to sell anything, and won't ask you for money.

What he does do at his site is:

  - Explain why he's willing to help a stranger like you
  - Tell you in very clear terms exactly what he's offering
  - Reveal a system you can use to make money right now
  - ...and help you get started immediately

If you're sick of all the hype and scams out there, I strongly
recommend you check out Paul's site right now.

Paul is the real deal, unlike 99.9% of other sites out there
that rely on deceit and flat out lies to sell you their junk.

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