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Is your SEOQuake add-on for FireFox all of a sudden not working and showing a question mark "?" in the far-left corner of the toolbar?

Seo-Quake Toolbar showing Question mark

Fear not! Because this is not some massive Google Serp update (although it could be Tongue out ) but in fact a few short clicks away from being restored back to normal. Make sure you have upgraded to the lasted version of Firefox web-browser and installed the latest version of SEOQuake from:

All you have to do is right-click on your toolbars and make sure that "SEOQuake Toolbar" and "Add-on Bar" are selected. If you are having trouble finding a place to click on the toolbars to get the right menu to show then try clicking between the Address Bar and the Search Bar.

Easy way to get to Toolbar Menu

Next, you have to go to the SEOQuake toolbar preferences page by clicking on on the Firefox Menu options: Tools/SEOQuake/Preferences

Make sure your SEOQuake is set to enabled

Chances are your SEOquake is not enabled and is the reason for it not working. Once you enable the plugin and restart your browser everything shoudld be back to normal. You should see the different rankings and toolbar options below the address bar as well as the add-on bar at the bottom of your browser.

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