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SEOQuake FireFox Toolbar Not Working PDF Print E-mail

Is your SEOQuake add-on for FireFox all of a sudden not working and showing a question mark "?" in the far-left corner of the toolbar?

Seo-Quake Toolbar showing Question mark

Fear not! Because this is not some massive Google Serp update (although it could be Tongue out ) but in fact a few short clicks away from being restored back to normal. Make sure you have upgraded to the lasted version of Firefox web-browser and installed the latest version of SEOQuake from:

All you have to do is right-click on your toolbars and make sure that "SEOQuake Toolbar" and "Add-on Bar" are selected. If you are having trouble finding a place to click on the toolbars to get the right menu to show then try clicking between the Address Bar and the Search Bar.

Easy way to get to Toolbar Menu

Next, you have to go to the SEOQuake toolbar preferences page by clicking on on the Firefox Menu options: Tools/SEOQuake/Preferences

Make sure your SEOQuake is set to enabled

Chances are your SEOquake is not enabled and is the reason for it not working. Once you enable the plugin and restart your browser everything shoudld be back to normal. You should see the different rankings and toolbar options below the address bar as well as the add-on bar at the bottom of your browser.

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Internet Explorer 7 vs Mozilla Firefox PDF Print E-mail

So there I was, sitting there looking at my yahoo home page for the hundredth time. It was telling, it was begging me, to download the new Internet Explorer 7 with the built in yahoo search bar. It was too perfect, an upgraded browser with the search bar built right in. I was already using the add-on yahoo tool bar that you can download separately. But this looked so much easier. I could have the search bar WITHOUT the rest of the yahoo toolbar, and that would save a little space on my monitor. I could just type in my keyword at the top, and all would be well.

Or so I thought.

Then I downloaded it, and tried to use it. This is where the anger began. To be honest, I knew better. I have been using Windows since 3.1 was out. I have gone through the nightmare of the new software that spends the next 12 months crashing computers, freezing browsers, getting hacked, and just making people want to punch a hole in a wall. I knew better than to download an upgrade that was brand new.

Everything slowed down. I couldn't download, my yahoo email wasn't working, and pretty much every site was snail pace.

But it was ok I thought to myself. I would just go into my control panel and uninstall. But before I uninstall, I better make a backup of all my favorite sites. Wait a minute, what happened to my favorites folder? Where did it go? Seriously, if anyone who reads this knows what happened to the file with my favorites, let me know. I can't find the thing anywhere now. I can still get to my favorites on the browser, but I can't find the actual folder on the computer to back them up now. It has been months now and I still haven't found the folder.

So if I can't back up my favorites, how do I get rid of version 7 without loosing them. I was certain that I was sunk. I would either risk loosing them when I uninstall, or I am reduced to surfing like I am on one of those dial-up modems from the mid-nineties.

Then it hit me. I would check out Mozilla Firefox. Worse case, I could use IE to check all my favorites, and then go to those sites in Firefox, and save them in the new favorites. Well, I didn't even have to work that hard. When I was installing Firefox, it asked me if I wanted to keep all of my history and favorites. Simple enough, don't have to go through all that work now. Bonus.

As it turned out, Firefox also had a search bar installed in it, this one by Google. This was convenient because I was studying how to advertise websites and blogs using Google. Now I could search Google without going to the site. I also noticed that Firefox uses the tabs that I saw on IE 7. Then something else hit me. Firefox had tabs at the top so that you could search multiple sites without having to open up new browser windows and it had the Google search bar. IE 7, which was making me angry, had the same tabs and a search bar from yahoo. IE 7 was a rip-off of Mozilla Firefox, and a bad one that screws with your processor.

So now I use Firefox, and I won't go back to Explorer. In fact, I don't even like using other computers now because IE is still on everyone else's computer. Not only is it faster than IE 7, but it is also faster than the older IE 6 which wasn't screwing with my computer at the time.

Doug Ragan is a self taught internet and computer guy who is putting the finishing touches on his internet based empire.

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