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According to the latest comScore study "The fact that more than three-quarters of the traffic to Google, Yahoo and Microsoft is now coming from outside of the U.S. is indicative of what a truly global medium the Internet has become." International visitors represent 79.8 percent of total traffic from Google, one of the most popular search engines in the US.
The means that there is a huge opportunity out there waiting for businesses whose focus can be turned to other countries other than US.

If your business provides services which can be provided online anywhere in the world, here are some of the points you have to keep in mind:

1. Marketing strategies should take into account the culture and preferences of the customers

2. Correspondence with your prospective customers
Methods of payment and currency conversion

3. Do your market research. Hire a marketing company to research on the target market or get data from secondary sources. The US government publishes a guide to each country and there are many handbooks available or you can even search on the Internet for relevant information

4. Keep in mind the spam and privacy policies in different countries

5. Currency conversion rates have to be updated regularly if you have a multi-currency site

6. The various methods of marketing strategies to be adopted and in the right mix

7. The quality of the product or service that you have to offer, the choice of products or services offered for sale, after-sales service and customer service

8. Selection of the various ways in which you can get your product across to the end customers. Services can be offered online but if it is a product, there must be a plan to transport and distribute the product.

Advantages of going global:

-Your online traffic increases
-Foreign search engines visit your site
-Increase in your customer base
-The skills that you would acquire are many
-Hosting a dot com site is cheaper than hosting a regional one


According to survey, more and more companies are going global. A true example of this kind of company in US is Coca Cola.

The share of US corporate profits coming from foreign operations has jumped from a mere 5 percent a couple of decades ago to around 30 percent and increasing. One of the more common mistakes companies make is the "one size fits all" assumption. But this is a learning curve and they will be richer in experience as time goes by. Going global is truly the way to go at a time when countries are opening up and the world has become without any boundaries due to the emerging sophistication of technology.

Catherine is an entrepreneur and recruiter. She is also a Google Adwords professional and the CEO of a global freelancing site called Servlance. Servlance caters to freelancers and firms selling business services globally.

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