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Basics to Starting An Advertising Business PDF Print E-mail

The internet has opened a wealth of advertising business opportunity that was unavailable just a few years ago. The ability to market to the millions who are online daily has many has made it easy for anyone to start an advertising business. The easiest way is to start with an online advertising business and then let your creativity and advertising saavy lead you to other channels such as print, specialty, and media.


An educational background in artisitic and or sales/marketing fields is desired but not needed. This business is evolving and the online world adds a new dimension to advertising. No formal licenses or certifications are needed as well, but for extra motivation you may want to check out some of the books in the resources section below, its always good to read what other experts in the field have to say.

Getting Started

In the advertising business, not much money is needed to get started. If you have a computer and have high speed internet access then you already haven enough to begin.
Access to a phone line or cell phone, a fax machine, and a good laser quality printer will also be helpful. The cost of all the equipment and services should be no more than $3000 to start. To get an idea check the resources below for cost estimates

Selecting the type of advertising that is your niche will be important. Although it is less expensive and in the long term more profitable to master internet advertising first, your background and ability may determine that specialty advertising, print or media advertising is where you are best. So even if you have a golden voice for radio, a face made for TV, or the creative design flair for print ads, mastering internet advertising will help you build more business overall.

Target Market

Once you decide the type of advertising it makes it easier to target who your customers are. The reason to start your business using online advertising is you can reach the most targeted customers the fastest using the internet. Potentially every business is your target but your own personal knowledge, interests and expertise will determine what niche you will fill. You will find that your strengths are your foundation, and you build upward.
You will need to continually educate yourself on the current trends regarding Advertising to find ways to adjust your techniques to grow your target market. Becoming more skilled in PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising, which is the least expensive way to reach, and grow your target market is a good way to stay sharp and profitable. Perry Marshall's Free Fast-Start Google AdWords 5 day email course is a good way to learn more about PPC without spending a lot.

You will reach many potential clients but your success will be intertwined with theirs. The success they have with your advertising will allow you to build relationships and your business will grow faster through referrals.

The Bottom Line

Most of the time you will make money by either charging your clients based on time, number of items, or just a general overall amount. You won't be able to charge a lot initially but as you build your business and your relationships, asking your clients to make a bigger investment in the service you provide will be easier. Setting your own financial goals for your business will also determine how much to charge. You determine how much your time is worth based on what you want to earn and then match it with the number of clients you can handle, the time you have, and compare it with your financial goal.
Remember build your relationships = building your income.

Summary and Recommendations

Starting an advertising business is an inexpensive way to generate an income from home. It can be done a few hours a day after work or it can be a full time business, depending on your market, and the type of advertising. We recommend that you start slow, research, and use trial and error to implement an effective internet advertising strategy. This is low cost way to get your feet wet before you outlay a lot of money and energy in reaching more potential clients.
Find your niche and build a foundation based on your strengths, then build those relationships which will help you grow a solid client base through referrals. Word of mouth advertising is always very effective so put it to work for you, and watch your income grow exponetially!

Chris Navi - You can check out resources for having a profitable home business at my website

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Free And Easy Ways To Advertise Your Business PDF Print E-mail

Do you wake up every morning and find yourself struggling to promote your home business? Are you getting little or no results from all your advertising efforts? If this sounds like you let me land you a hand, and help you learn some free and easy ways to promote your business.

Not many people know how well free advertising really works. They hear the word free and the first thing that pops into their mind is cheap, and it wont work. Well that isnt really all that true. Ive made a good amount of profits with my business just by using completely free traffic. Sure some of it will be useless junk, but that doesnt mean its all going to be junk.

So where are the hot free advertising places, and how can you use them to your advantage? My number favorite free advertising method is simply placing a link in my signature on message boards. I spend about twenty minutes a day just talking on message boards. While I get a lot of great information I also respond to a lot of people, and every time I leave a reply message you can see my signature link. Believe it or not this really does work. You will be amazed how many people see your link.

Another good little trick I like to do is have my signature in my e-mails. This is a great method to use when you e-mail people. Leave a simple signature so every time you e-mail someone they have a link back to your website. What I do is I will reply back to those nasty spam and bulk e-mails. Why? Because it sends it to someone, and you never know what will happen.

One other technique I use to generate free traffic is traffic swarm. For the little time and effort I put into traffic swarm it pays off in a huge way. Traffic Swarm is easy to setup, and anyone can create an account in just a few short minutes.

Everyday all you have to do is surf traffic swarm for about twenty minutes and build up about one hundred credits and your good to go for the day. Out of those credits you will usually get a good ten or so visits to your site per day. Depending on what your ad says you might even get more.

These are some fun, easy, and free ways to draw traffic to any website you might own. Always remember free traffic is better then no traffic.

Chris Rohrer has been earning a full-time income online for over 2 years. He has helped mentor and train others how to work online and earn an extra income. For more information on how Chris can help you work online visit EDC Gold | Easy Daily Cash

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6 Ways You Can Advertise Your New Business PDF Print E-mail

Your advertising plan should be a vital part of your marketing plan. You have an excellent service or a useful product and you need to let people know what you have to offer! People learn about your business through advertising. Because successful advertising is creative and innovative, the creative person has a distinct advantage in developing an effective strategy.

Advertising can be expensive, so you must be specific in identifying the objectives of your plan. Each home-based business is unique, but the fundamental objectives for advertising should include creating a public awareness of your business, reaching new customers, increasing sales and profits and being cost effective.

The first step is to define potential customers in the geographic area served by your business. Do some preliminary surveys and some interviews to determine which means of advertising will reach them. What newspapers do they read? Which radio stations do they listen to? Do they use discount coupons? Do they respond to direct mail? Tailor your advertising efforts to your market.

When you know which audience you want to reach and where you want the information to appear, you must look at the various methods of advertising available to you. Advertising methods differ according to medium, complexity, target audience and cost. Some forms of advertising are more effective for a home-based business than others.

1. Newspaper advertising can be effective for a small business. A relatively large number of people can be reached through a classified ad. Display ads are more costly and should be placed in the newspaper section read by your market. The cost of your ad will vary according to the circulation areas and the frequency of publication.

2. Direct mail while initially expensive can be economical in the long run because it delivers specific information in a personal way to large numbers of people. If you operate a mail-order business, direct mail advertising is especially appropriate because you can target your advertising. Direct mail can be used to distribute letters, promotional give-aways, discount coupons and brochures.

3. Brochures can be expensive but they are essential for any business for which the prospective customer needs detailed information about the qualifications and expertise of the owner and the services and products offered. More information can be supplied in a brochure than would be practical for a classified ad. Brochures can be mailed, distributed door to door or given out at community events and trade shows.

4. Yellow Page directories should not be overlooked as a means of advertising. Every person with a telephone has a copy of their local phone book with business Yellow Pages. Directories are one of the most widely used forms of advertising. The telephone company advertising staff will give you help in designing an ad that will present your business in an effective manner. Be aware that directories are published at various times of the year. Call the phone company to determine the publication deadlines. A home-based business may wish to omit the address from the ad. Phone calls can be screened and clients can be scheduled so the neighborhood is not disrupted by an increased flow of traffic.

5. Business cards are another inexpensive way to inform the public about your business. They are easy to distribute at meetings, upon the completion of a job or during networking. Think of your business card as a "mini-billboard." It should contain the name of your business, the name of a contact person, the complete address, the complete phone number and an appropriate slogan or description of the business.

6. Promotional gimmicks are inexpensive give-aways that attract attention. For example, pens inscribed with your logo, balloons with your business name or t-shirts can be used to promote your product or service.

Jeff Casmer is an internet marketing consultant with career sales over $25,000,000. His "Top Ranked" Earn Money at Home Directory gives you all the information you need to start and prosper with your own Internet Home Based Business.


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